Thursday, November 17, 2016

Silence is NOT golden part 3

Articles/Reports on the Triton UBF chapter:

1. These are testimonies from the missionary children (E.K and J.K) that left the chapter and more. Broken link:

2. An NBC special report. Broken link:

Recovered link: In the recovered link you will see a transcript of the special report and links to the video of the report. In the video Teddy Hembekides the pastor of Triton UBF back in 1997 was interviewed. Note: The audio is fine but the video quality is poor being at 240p.

Articles/Reports on the Chicago UBF chapter

1. WBNS TV Report. Broken link:

(Note: in order to see the video/broadcast you will need old school computer software like Windows 98)

3. Daily Herald Article. Broken link:

4. An attempted investigation by campus pastor Bill Lewis. Broken link:

5. Suicide of Sarah Regina Thompson Article. Link: 

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